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What to do on Pemba Island ?

Sand Bank


Pemba remains ignored by the rest of the world, though visited by few tourists, it has been kept under the radar all this time. This island is a gem, a pristine and authentic island. 


Whether on land or under the sea, the diversity of flora and fauna is incredible, and will delight divers and walkers.

Pemba has kept all its rights and its authenticity remained perfectly preserved.

The generated green energy creates a unique, soft and smooth atmosphere. You will be amazed by the lights  surrounding us and constant changes of green and blue. 

At Afro Divers, we would like to make you discover as much as we can all the beauty of Pemba.

We can organise for you all kinds of excursions, you will discover with our local guide or by yourself all the wonders of this secret island.

Our excursions are really personal. You will discover a new culture, incredible landscapes and learn more about the history of Pemba.

Your memories will be unforgettable.

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Sand bank 3.jpg
Sand bank .jpg

Fish Markets


Discover the outstanding and unique sand bank of Pemba. It particularity is to be empty of any other tourist boat. You will be surrounded by the birds and few fishermen, with an incredible light creating all the shades of blue you ever seen. The sand bank appears at low tide, for our biggest pleasure.

You can sail to the sand bank on a local boat, Ngalawa, or join our fast boat, and have the choice between a sunset cruise, fish barbecue or snorkelling trip, with you friends, family, or your loved one.


Discover the typical fish markets of Pemba, Msuka and Tumbe.
Are you curious to kn ow where come from the fish you eat?
Wait to see the fishermen come back from the ocean with the catches of the 
day !
Be ready for the fishes auction !
This way to sell fishes is quite unique and will let you speechless! 
After the fish market, we will invite you to eat some fresh fish or a local meal in the house of our lovely guide.


Discover the charming village of Mkia Ngombe, where the magical mangroves area starts.
The nature is everywhere. You will be followed by the kids, always very happy to meet with strangers. This village is very remote, very few tourist ever go there. You will be touched by the kindness and the beauty of its people. 
Fishermen village , you will have the chance to see how the local boats, the "dhows" are built. 
We can organise a mangroves tour on a local fisherman boat.
Unique experience 


Mangrove Pemba.jpg

Tropical forest

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Welcome to the green island !
Discover the lungs of Pemba, where everything starts and ends, the huge tropical 
Ngezi forest
Wear your hike shoes and go for a walk in this incredible and fully alive forest.
The Pemba rangers, who will make you discover the Pemba Fauna and Flora, and all the different species around.

Forest Pemba 2.jpg

Spice Farm

The other name of Zanzibar Archipelago is the Spice Islands, and this is for a good reason.
Zanzibar and Pemba are well known for their spices production, exported in the all world.
Cloves, Turmeric, Gingers, black pepper, cinnamon, cardamoms...
You will find many spices market all over the archipelago, but we offer you to discover the origine of the spices.

How look like a black pepper tree ?
What is the smell of Ylang Ylang?
How grow the ginger?
How to dry cloves ? 

Come along to visit the Pemba
Bwagamoyo spice farm to discover and learn more about the famous spices!



Town & village

Pemba is not famous for its town and you will find only 4 cities on the island : Mkoani, Chake Chake, Wete and Konde. Dynamic and full of life, the cities of Pemba worth a walk through.
Be ready to find some treasures, the local shopping is the best way to bring memories and local food with you.
Seeing the famous flying fox and buying the Pemba honey is a must to do in Wete !
Pemba is a very safe island, you can walk and discover many village around. Our favorite is the village of Kojani, located on a island, you will have to walk there on low tide, and come back with a local boat during hight Tide. Definitely unique,
 Life here is simple and you will find many friendliness around.
The kindness of people will touch you.




Come along with our local guides and discover the most isolated and secret beaches of Pemba. You will be amazed by the intimacy you can find on these beach. Follow our guide or local fishermen, by foot or with a local boat.
The most famous one is
Vumawimbi beach. Located North East, this is the longest beach on Pemba.

On the east coast, you can find the incredible and isolated beach of
Mbuyuni, surely the most beautiful and empty beach you ever seen...

The white sand beaches and crystal water of T
he Aiyana hotel and of Manta hotel are the best to enjoy the sunset.

We can organise fish and lobster barbecue, or sunset drinks on every beach you like.


All our excursions can be done half or full day, a local lunch and drinks are always included.

Discover all the secrets of Pemba with Afro Divers !
To create the perfect adventure, contact us on our email address :
Or by WhatsApp : +255 776 841 171

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