For certified divers


One day diving two morning  dives                  US$ 120,-

Full Day Diving three dives incl. lunch.            US$ 185,-

2 Days Package four dives                              US$ 220,-

3 Days Package six dives                                US$ 310,-

4 Days Package eight dives                            US$ 400,-

5 Days Package ten dives                               US$ 490,-

6 Days Package twelve dives                          US$ 580,-

One Week Package fourteen dives                        US$ 630,-

Added days of diving will be discounted


Additional Afternoon Dive US$ 65,-

Equipment Rental per day US$ 20,-


Equipment Rental for one week US$ 100,-

Equipment includes wetsuit long/ short, wing,  regulator, fins, mask, diving computer and a surface marker buoy.

Courses and experiences

Discover Scuba Diving

(1 - 2 days)


Two sessions: one in confined water to get

you comfortable with the gear and one in

open water to give you an experience of a


One Dive: US$ 150,-                    Two Dives: US$ 200,-


PADI Open Water Divers Course

(3 - 4 days)

Entry level diving course to become an autonomous diver. We will teach you how to conduct diving in a safe and fun way. This course includes materials, theory, dive skill sessions in a pool and four open water dives.

US$ 590,-

PADI Advanced Open Water Course

(2 -3 days)


Take your next step in scuba diving, learn more about diving and specialize in five optional subjects, including deep diving and navigation dives. 

US$ 470,-


PADI Rescue Course

                  (3 - 4 days)                    


US$ 600,-



Our Courses 

  • All our courses are based on PADI Standards. 

  • Our Vision is to optimize divers skills by teaching Breathing, Swim Techniques and Proper Buoyancy

  • All our courses are done digitally which is called PADI E-Learning

  • We have Tablets if case you don't bring any device with you,

  • E-Learning can be done at home before going on your trip to Pemba! CLICK ON THE PADI LOGO


Please note

  • Course prices include all costs regarding certification costs and materials.

  • All above mentioned services include transfers to and from your hotel within the region, as well as marine park fees.

  • Payments by Credit Card require a 3% surcharge, country wide. 

  • Conducting these programs you need to fulfill general safety requirements and our house rules.

  • 10% discount on diving prices for repeater guests.