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Afro Divers


Michael, the owner Afro Divers, has been passionate about diving ever since he was able to swim. He made it his profession for close to ten years. In 2019 he decided to settle on Pemba.


His passion for Africa, and more particularly for Pemba, pushed him to realize his dreams of opening up a tiny personalized dive center in a unique place. Carlotta, the partner of Michael joined very quickly and together they run Afro Divers with a lot of passion.

The dive center is on the beach and surrounded by nature

We are working closely with the local community and  we are trying to utilize the local products and services as much as we can to create better economical prosperity for people around us.


Our philosophy is to be as environmentally aware as possible.

First of all we fundamentally believe each individual is responsible for its own ecological footprint and we request this also from our guest with regards to using proper diving technique to minimise damage to the reef 


Pemba is one the last remaining natural paradises of Tanzania. The reason is because the island has been isolated throughout it's history and tourism hasn't reached Pemba quite yet. It has some of the most intense and unspoiled habitats in the region. As well the people of Pemba have remained close to their culture, are friendly and always helpful.


Afro Divers will be the only independent dive center on the island of Pemba and is situated as close as possible to the diving spots. We are offering an all inclusive service from the moment we pick you up from your hotel / resort until we brought you back. On site we have all necessary facilities to host you and have a relaxed time.

We are a PADI dive center, with a fast boat and high performance diving equipment to optimize your confort. 

We always dive in small group. Your dive will be exclusive and personalized.

On Pemba, no other dive boat around, you will be the only one on the ocean, this make your diving way more unique and exciting.

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  • Ratio diver to guide 4:1.

  • Ratio Open Water Student to Instructor 2:.1.

  • Emergency Oxygen on Boats and Dive Base.

  • Extended Emergency Plan.

  • Trained and skilled staff.

  • Nearest Hyperbaric Chamber is near Zanzibar Airport.

  • All divers advised to wear DSMB and Diving Computer.

  • Dive/Travel Insurance will be highly reconmended.



  • PADI Dive Center

  • Located on the Beach

  • High Quality Gear Rental

  • Toilets and Showers

  • FREE Snacks and Drinks

  • FREE Hotel Pick Up Service.


  • Power RIB 8,50m with 200HP.

  • BAUER Mariner compressor with buffer cylinders.

  • 30 Aluminium cylinders

  • 10 complete sets of equipment (brands such as: Scubapro xDeep and Reef.

  • Dive computer and SMB for all divers available.

  • Reef shoes and dry bags available for anyone.


  • Ratio diver to guide 4:1.

  • Ratio Open Water Student to Instructor 2:.1.

  • Emergency Oxygen on Boats and Dive Base.

  • Extended Emergency Plan.

  • Trained and skilled staff.

  • Nearest Hyperbaric Chamber is near Zanzibar Airport.

  • All divers advised to wear DSMB and Diving Computer.

  • Dive/Travel Insurance will be highly recommended.


Within a fifteen-minute drive from Afro Divers, you will find our two hotel partner:

Pemba Paradise and The Aiyana. 

Pemba Paradise is a lovely, local, comfortable and affordable hotel.

The Aiyana is a luxury and splendid hotel

These two hotels are the best option for our divers.

We are doing pick from the hotels with the car or the boat at 8am every morning.


Afro Divers organise for you your Dive & Stay package :

Your domestic flight, 

Your night at the hotel Pemba Paradise or The Aiyana,

Your plan meal,

The diving package with us,

The diving equipment rental,

All the car transfers (airport to the hotel / hotel to the dive center)

Afro Divers is also offering to organise and combine for you :

The best safari trip in Tanzania

or the the Kilimanjaro climbing, 

with your diving holiday ion Pemba.

Let us know what your requests are and we will find the right package for you, we will create a unique and totally personalized package.

The Team


Afro Divers is a young company but the team members have a great experience in their field of work and very well trained.

Most of our members are from Pemba, and we are very glad to work hand to hand with the village right next door.

As well we are an international dive center, our team communicate in English, Italian, Dutch, German, French, Spanish and Swahili. 

We are very proud to be a mix of European and local staff.

Together we are more than thirteen people, all to make sure the center is running as smooth as possible. 


Our daily schedule

We are working with two hotels: The Pemba Paradise and The Aiyana.
Our driver picks you up at 8am, and drives you to our dive center, located 20 minutes from the hotels.
Once at the diving center we suit up, briefings and off we go for a double dive.

In between the dives we relax on one of nearby beaches.

When we are back our driver will bring you back to your hotel. 
Another option, we are working with 2 locals restaurants:

Karibu Kitchen,
Pemba Sunset Restaurant. 

Let us know in advance and we will book a table for you. Experience the local cuisine!

You also have the option to do a full day off diving, with a lunch at the dive center and an extra dive on the afternoon. 


The Journey to Pemba

Tekengebied 4.png


Port to Unguja

Chake Chake

Airport to Zanzibar , Dar and Tanga


Port to Zanzibar & Tanga

Tekengebied 5@2x.png

There are various means of transport available on the island.

Afro Divers can organize all your transfers from the airport or the seaport to your hotels or to the diving centre. We will send you a taxi which will take you to your final destination.


Afro Divers can also provide a car rental service or you can use cheap local transportation, such as DALA DALA (local bus), or BODA BODA (motorbike taxi accompanied by a local).

Afro Divers is located north-west of Pemba, near Makangale village and Verani’s beach. 

It is an hour and a half drive from Chake Chake to Afro Divers.

You will be travelling on a wonderful road and will discover new shades of green you have never seen before. You will cross astonishing landscapes which will make you love Pemba right away. The diversity of the flora is extraordinary and its green energy will hit you. You can stop for a few minutes to enjoy the landscape and breathe in the fresh air.


You will need to pass Konde, the second biggest town on Pemba, with its great fruits, vegetables and fish market. Then you will have to enter the incredible tropical Ngezi forest. This road is definitely unforgettable.

Domestics flights:


Zanzibar - Pemba:

As Alaam Air : US 75$ - pp

- 7am

- 5.15pm

Auric : US 112$ - pp

- 8.25am

- 11.25am

- 2.25pm

Pemba - Zanzibar:

As Alaam Air : US 75$ - pp

- 7.45am

- 6pm

Auric: US 112$ - pp



- 3.10pm


Zanzibar - Mkoani

Azam Sealink 2 : US$ 35,-

Zanzibar - Pemba:

Sa, Su, We

Pemba - Zanzibar:

Su, Tu, Th


Tanga - Mkoani

Azam Sealink 2 : US$ 35,-

Tanga - Pemba



Tanga - Zanzibar




Zanzibar - Wete 

Zanzibar FastFerry US$ 25,-

Zanzibar - Pemba:

Sa, Tu

Pemba - Zanzibar:

Su, We

Zanzibar domestic airport is located next to the international one. The flight duration is 20 minutes.
The ferry duration is 7 hours. 

With our Dive and Stay package, Afro Divers can organise and book the flights with As Alaam or Auric for you.
We also arrange the car transfers from Pemba airport to the hotel. 


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